DDual is a software development and solution provider house, where we design and develop professional business solutions which are presented to our customers to cover the business needs in excellent quality and reasonable cost.

DDual doesn't only stop at developing concrete business solutions; it also offers each client the luxury of getting uniquely attractive designed software solutions to help the client interpret who they really are among their peers. Simplifying professional business solutions to our partners has allowed us to increase our activities with improved quality over a very short time. DDual specializes in offering ICT business solutions and services in a wide range of areas for a multitude of industries. With years' experience in software development, management consulting, IT and project management that our team have, we are proud that our team members have worked with several of the largest organizations in the globe, providing high quality services and optimal satisfaction. So we believe that excellent team will deliver excellent systems to our customer.

Who we are

DDual is dedicated to the continual improvement of its products, services, and the company itself, through process control, employee empowerment, and management commitment. So we take innovation in practice and demonstrates it as a discipline, capable of being implemented to meet and exceed the growing market needs.

If DDual's name goes on any system, we want that system to become a part of our advertising. No compromises, in fact, we will put in more time than budgeted (at no cost to our customer) to provide a higher quality product, exceeding our clients' expectations. The reason being is that a large quantity of our work comes from word of mouth or people just seeing our name on successful solutions.

Trust Is Granted, Not Earned.